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PBS NewsHour Politico Democratic Primary Debate — 2019-12-19 — Los Angeles, CA

question from debate

Democrats have so far not convinced a strong majority of Americans to support impeachment of President Trump. Why do you think that is, and what can you say or do differently in the coming weeks to persuade more Americans impeachment is the right thing to do?

matt answer

Thank you for the question, but I take offense at almost its entire premise.

Your question implies the ongoing impeachment depends on opinions and political preferences. It does not. Impeachment occurred because our illegitimately elected president has committed numerous crimes while in office.

Are you suggesting we only prosecute crimes if the public supports enforcing certain laws? Obviously not.

Whether the public supports impeachment or not is immaterial to the impeachment proceedings themselves. Crimes of self enrichment at best and outright treason at worst have been committed and justice will be served, regardless of how many people keep up with Washington insider day-to-day news.

Persuasion of the public to support us enforcing our own laws is nonsensical. We will do our jobs to uphold the law whether or not the public is paying attention. The public has their own lives. They can’t be responsible for running their households and running the country—that’s why they elected us to lead them in Congress, and we are leading them onward to victory.

question from debate

The overall US economy looks strong, the unemployment rate is at historic lows, unemployment among african americans is down, the markets are booming, wages are doing about as well as in the obama-biden era. What is your argument to the voter watching this debate who may not like everything trump does, but they REALLY like this economy and they don't know why they should make a change?

matt answer

Again, I take offense at almost the entire premise of your question. The entire question is worded as a republican anti-democrat attack line.

Perhaps you meant to say: “Why should the American public ignore Trump’s self-enrichment, his spending over $100 million dollars on golf vacations paid to his own resorts, his almost 300 instances of being in contact with Russian agents as outlined in the mueller report, his appointing hundreds of unqualified government workers, his unabashed racism, his non-stop denigration of the dignity of the office of president—why should the American public ignore all of those points of fraud just because the stock market is up?”

Voting to reelect an incumbent monster because your stocks are up doesn’t make anybody patriotic—it makes people sociopaths wiling to ignore the ongoing, calculated, for-profit destruction of our country for their own personal benefit.

question from debate

You would hike taxes 8 TRILLION DOLLARS over the decade. The biggest tax increase since World War 2! How do you answer top economists who say taxes of this magnitude would stifle growth and investment?

matt answer

Okay, what’s going on with all your questions being republican talking points?

Let’s break this question down: you say “top economists” but you don’t mention who they are. Economists have political allegiances, you know? Are you talking about liberal Krugman or republican shill Mankiw?

If you are criticizing my policies, it helps to know if you are repeating the enemy’s delusional talking points.

As far as “8 trillion dollars” goes—wow such money! big numbers! look at those tax and spend libs!—but, it is as you said, over TEN years. So 8 trillion over ten years is $800 billion per year. Only $800 billion more per year in revenue! The IRS estimates about $300 billion per year is currently lost due to rich people doing tax fraud because republicans have defunded the IRS for decades under their “starve the beast” strategy of destroying all government powers.

If we restore the IRS’s ability to enforce laws equally, we get a free $300 billion boost in lost tax revenue, so now we only have $500 billion to find in the couch. We have a big couch in this country called “idle wealth” we can tap into to provide high quality public benefits to our entire country ensuring basic human rights no longer go unmet.

Do you know where idle wealth—anything over ten million dollars—comes from? It comes from exploiting workers, financial engineering, social favors, and monopoly pricing power. Requiring people share their success with the same society they live inside is not radical—it’s the only way we can survive into the future.

About Matt 4 President 👀

Hi, I'm Matt and I'm running for president because nobody else has effective plans for healthcare, housing, education, and climate change.

Every day we see the world is burning. Every day we see people are dying from either not being able to afford medical care or dying from too much medical care in the form of excessive prescribing and unnecessary medical errors. Every day housing and sustainability problems get worse. Problems across society feel more and more unfixable every year. Medical costs have become outright abusive and continue to increase 20% per year. I've seen all those problems up close, I have solutions to everything, and no other presidential candidate has the practical life experience to understand, prioritize, and create unified solutions to our ongoing self-inflicted problems.

I've lived in a dozen states and a dozen countries as just a regular person interacting with regular people. I've lived our day-to-day problems. I've lived our housing crisis. I've lived our medical crisis. I've seen it all from the inside. We can fix it all together, but this election may be our last chance.

I'm originally from Georgia, but I've also lived in California, North Carolina, Texas, New York, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, plus some other states too. I've lived in lots of different countries as well and I've seen the benefits and drawbacks of different ways people build their societies up close. It's an odd feeling realizing people in many other countries have lives better than ours because they have working governments, working healthcare, working transit, funded public services, and cities built around effectively managing housing costs. It's amazing how livable a society can be when leaders focus on people's rights and living conditions instead of promoting uphill battles to one-up your coworkers through buying the biggest house made out of the cheapest materials with the longest commute you can stand all in the biggest car you can afford.

I've experienced living and struggling in more of the US than any other candidate. I've lived inside our country's decaying infrastructure first hand. I've lived the housing crisis first hand every time an apartment wants half my paycheck and there's no cheaper options around. I've seen family members ration medical care because they can't afford doctor consults, procedures, and medicine. I've seen my family fight endless medical billing problems. I've seen doctors kill my family members due to outright dismissing urgent symptoms resulting in death from the exact symptoms the doctor ignored. Prescription drugs ripped apart my family when I was growing up while the opioid companies made billions. I've seen family members in urgent need of medical care afraid to call 911 because they know the ambulance ride will cost $1,500 and they have no income. We need to take back the world for real people, not consumer-abusing companies hell bent on profit maximization at the expense of hundreds of millions of lives. We need to take back the world for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as was promised long ago.

It's time we fix everything.

We are way beyond thin promises of "Yes, we can." We've reached a point of "We must, or we won't have a future."

There is no fate but what we make.

Join us.

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