Climate Change Priorities

we can't keep living this way. the holocene is eating us alive. we must do better.

Climate Prosperity Proposal 1
Green New Deal

We will establish a federal Green New Deal initiative department to coordinate individual state Green New Deal programs.

Climate Prosperity Proposal 2
Re-Join The Paris Agreement

The Russo-Republican syndicate has gutted our response to the immediate climate crisis. We stand in opposition to all efforts encouraging the destabilization of society for the benefit of oil and methane barons and their petrostates.

Climate Prosperity Proposal 3

Fracking is the process of releasing trapped methane from underground to above ground while hopefully catching some of it in containment for resale.

We must keep all hydrocarbons in the ground and stop releasing them into the atmosphere.

Climate Prosperity Proposal 4

As with methane extraction, we must scale back the extraction of petrol products all across North America.

For too long we have allowed private, for-profit companies to extract hydrocarbons from millions-of-years-old deposits deep in the ground, only do have those deposits burnt into our atmosphere leading to the current climate and sustainability crisis.

If companies do not voluntarily draw down their hydrocarbon extraction, we will seize their properties used for extraction and cap all wells with tons of carbon neutral concrete.

Climate Prosperity Proposal 5
Cow Problems

One major oncoming storm of the climate crisis is food instability due to inevitable water unavailability.

To those ends, we will focus on water-efficient food production methods which necessarily includes reducing cattle availability by 80% minimum while also disallowing any cow product importation from South America.

Additionally, we will implore other countries to reduce their cow production by 80% to 90%, if not completely, so water can be used for more productive purposes. The rising middle class of China will just have to go without their New Zealand grown milk products.

Climate Prosperity Proposal 6
Massively Expand Solar And Wind Capture Capability

Solar panels and wind capacity grows by the year. We must invest in systems designed to provide 100% renewable residential and industrial electricity coverage with zero-exhaust generation.

Climate Prosperity Proposal 7
Eminent Domain Water Abusers

Water rights will be reassessed nation-wide and abusers will have their claims forfeit.

Your historical corporate for-profit property rights do not remain forever in the face of extreme scarcity and human suffering.

Climate Prosperity Proposal 8
Reduce Petrol Car Consumption

We will redesign high traffic areas of major cities to reduce reliance on any vehicle generating exhaust.

In dense areas of select cities we will require electric vehicles where possible. Additionally, vehicles will be personal electric vehicles and not entire one-person-per-car wastes of space. We will create easy access bike, scooter, and walking paths connecting live, work, play parts of cities encouraging higher density living.

This plan requires refocusing our efforts on centralizing populations near city centers and finding safe ways to reverse 60 years of suburban sprawl.