Live Safe and Secure

build more housing everywhere, fix traffic and transit, be happy

Your Housing Proposal 1
Enhance Housing Mobility

The ability to move to a new location at any time is a key driver of social mobility and personal happiness.

If you can’t move, maybe you can’t accept a better job.

If you can’t move, maybe you can’t escape your small town to meet new people, get a wider education, or discover your true passions.

If you can’t move, you’re stressing out about not being able to move, missed opportunities, and your life starts to spiral downhill.

We’ll help you move easier, whenever you need to, by establishing federal standards to prevent residential housing abuse by property owners.

Your Housing Proposal 2
Federal Residential Lease Termination Guidelines

Do you have a new job opportunity? Need to move to take care of a sick family member? But your lease is still 9 months from expiring and your landlord doesn’t allow early lease termination? Or, maybe your landlord does allow early lease termination, but they require 60 days notice and a 3 month rent payment penalty.

We’re going to fix it. Property owners will be required to accept lease termination notices of 1 month maximum and the highest penalty for breaking your lease early will be 1 additional month’s rent.

Landlord-vs-renter lease contracts do not give renters equal negotiating footing, so the federal government will ensure leases are not being used to benefit land/property/capital owners at the expense of renters.

Your Housing Proposal 3
Federal Repurchase Assistance Program (FRAP)

If you have to sell your house to move for better opportunities or a better life, but you can’t seem to sell it, our federal repurchase assistance program will offer help ranging from subsidized mortgage payments until your house sells, finding renters for your property to cover costs, or outright purchasing your home.

Your Housing Proposal 4
Real Estate Simplification Act of 2021 (RESA-2021)

We already have digital property records, online lawyers, electronic lock boxes, and online property listings. By all those powers combined, we will redesign the US property transfer market to render real estate agents obsolete along with their 6% commission structures.

We will integrate all existing MLS data into a national real estate clearinghouse platform then we will shutdown state-level MLS. You won’t be paying 6% to run a jobs program funded by your personal property value anymore. You will finally be free.

Your Housing Proposal 5
Housing Crisis Monitors per City (HCMC)

Areas of the country being designated as “housing crisis” will fall under the oversight of federal housing monitors.

Federal housing monitors will have the authority to unilaterally up-zone streets as well as reverse local city planning commission decisions regarding imaginary reasons why progress is impossible and nothing should ever be built again.

Your Housing Proposal 6
The Moving Grant

Mobility is an economic engine. Move to where the jobs are and let the economy handle the rest.

We will establish a federal moving grant of $5,000 per individual, or $10,000 per family, redeemable once every 5 years for full time moves over 300 miles away from your previous permanent residence.

Your Housing Proposal 7
Building Priority Mindset

We’ll build truly affordable high quality apartment housing in housing crisis areas until we have built out more housing than people wish to occupy.

Our default judgment will be “yes, of course we can build to accommodate more people” instead of the current default of “no, go away, our city is full, go away.”

We will create a surplus of housing units in popular areas. If an area is deemed extreme housing crisis, we reserve the right to obtain land by eminent domain for the prosperity of the country. In short: if your communities do not build enough new housing to keep prices down, we will build for you and then you won’t have a say in the final outcome. Take care of your own business or we’ll take care of our business for you.

Your Housing Proposal 8
Overrule Unnecessary EIA Blocks

Some choice corrupt cities use endless Environmental Impact Assessments to block new housing, development, and transit.

We will establish a rapid federal review procedure for invaliding abuse of EIA processes to expedite needed development.

Your Housing Proposal 9
Invalidate Local Restrictions

In addition to EIA abuse, some choice corrupt cities restrict development based on limiting shadows unnecessarily, protecting non-landmark trees, and finding multiple other tiny tiny excuses to prevent expanding housing, transit, and sustainable development for future generations.

We will establish a rapid federal review procedure for invaliding local development rejection abuse preventing needed development.

Your Housing Proposal 10
Revise Construction and OSHA Guidelines

Infrastructure construction projects in the United States, curiously, can cost 40% to 500% more than equal development projects in other countries.

We’re going to fix that.

We will hold to extreme account owners of construction firms who defraud government construction projects through creating fake employees or who have a history of winning public contracts through false low cost bids but also habitually running up significant cost overruns in change fees.

Where local construction firms fail, we will contract with known-successful foreign construction firms for rapid development nation-wide.

For example, the New York MTA has promised to add 2,000 electric buses over the next 21 years and Chicago wants to add 1,800 electric buses over the next 10 years. Meanwhile, China has been adding 5,000 electric buses per week. Yes, the difference is a country versus a couple cities, but the capability exists in the world—we can’t let our corrupt state budgets limit us to another 20 years of street-level pollution because politicians have lined their pockets to such an extent nobody can buy new infrastructure locally anymore.

For example again, the United States has built no new rail systems in the past 10 years. Meanwhile, China has built 30 new rail systems over the same time period.

We must return the USA to global infrastructure parity at a minimum, while keeping our eyes on a goal of global infrastructure supremacy in short order.

Your Housing Proposal 11
Time-Effective Focused Development Operations (TEFDO)

We are out of time. Effective living density and effective transit are not levers you can game for your own benefit anymore. Attempts to abuse the public infrastructure construction system for your own benefits will be met with swift judgment and harsh penalties.