Modern Healthcare for a Modern World

a modern US healthcare system can save you money while saving your life

Your Life Proposal 1
Medical Care For Everybody Through HAPPINESS

The United States started simply: unalienable rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our current medical system, healthcare system, and insurance system acts in opposition to the direct founding of our country. Our insurance system does not act in the interest of life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

To those ends, Matt 4 President introduces HAPPINESS 4 All: Healthcare Availability Prepared Permanently In New Effective Safe Solidarity.

The HAPPINESS health care plan builds upon one basic idea: we are all in this together. Everybody needs to maintain their health for society to prosper. If each of us contributes towards positive health outcomes, we can stabilize society and build a better future for everyone.

We are establishing fundamental rights for all American residents:

  • you have a right to emergency medical care
  • you have a right to routine medical care
  • you have a right to safe medical recovery

No deductibles, no limits, no unexpected charges.

HAPPINESS medical care will be provided to everybody earning under $75,000 per year. For those earning over $75,000 per year, you may use either HAPPINESS or pay for private insurance instead.

HAPPINESS For All is created through:

  • replacing the current 2.9% Medicare employment tax with a 15% HAPPINESS sharing payment
  • as with current FICA line items, your employer will cover half the cost.
  • so, your HAPPINESS contribution will be 7.5% of your paycheck, up to a maximum of $500 per month.

HAPPINESS covers you and everybody else in your household earning less than $6,000 per year all under one contribution.

As of late 2019, an average American family is spending $20,000 per year on private health insurance premiums alone — not including deductibles, co-pays, or even getting any actual medical services. HAPPINESS allows you to use public insurance in exchange for a fair percentage of your income. HAPPINESS has zero deductibles and your benefits begin immediately.

With a yearly maximum contribution of $6,000 and zero deductibles to meet, HAPPINESS is likely cheaper than your existing insurance.

Your Life Proposal 2
BSIDE Helping Homes

Additionally, we face an urgent medical crisis on the horizon: boomer nursing homes.

To save an entire generation in their twilight years, we introduce a society nursing facility contribution called BSIDE: Boomer Safety In Death Expenditure.

Our population is getting older, and we need to plan for The Great Aging. There are 50 million people in America over the age of 65 and they will all need various forms of extended medical care to nursing to hospice benefits within the next 20 years. As a society we must provide for them without bankrupting each and every one of them in the process.

BSIDE is created through:

  • a new payroll sharing contribution of 3% (1.5% paid by employee, 1.5% paid by employer)
  • with a maximum yearly contribution of $5,000 per person

Sharing social responsibility for public long term nursing and hospice facilities will provide safe supportive housing for people who need full time non-hospital-proximate medical recovery, supportive living conditions, and overall will save tens of millions of hours per year of Americans stressing out about living conditions during difficult periods in life.

Your Life Proposal 3
Doctor Doctor

Decreasing the cost of medical services is of paramount importance to any national coverage health plan.

What is the easiest way to decrease medical costs while increasing availability of services? Train more doctors, therapists, and nurses across all areas while also granting individuals more autonomy in treatment decisions through free Internet-supported self-diagnostic and self-prescribing services.

To those ends, we will train more professional medical generalists, fund more nursing programs at all levels of nursing, and rebuke the AMA in their continued attempts to limit medical education for their own benefit of keeping medical care prices artificially inflated.

Your Life Proposal 4
Prescription Reform

Many prescription restrictions and requirements are outdated.

We will simplify the prescription requirements and allow many more medicines to be dispensed over the counter without a prescription.

We will allow importing medicine from other countries and companies such as Cipla, Sun Pharma, Teva, etc.

We will allow perfectly harmless classes of drugs, toothpastes, mouthwashes, creams, gels, and everything else with zero abuse potential to be requested by individuals and dispensed without consultation throughout the country.

Your Life Proposal 5
Opioid Reform

Our solution for fixing the opioid crisis is simple: you can trade in your opioids for free marijuana.

We will federally legalize marijuana along with vacating criminal sentences.

We will produce life saving health outcomes, millions fewer ruined lives, and decreased pharma executive profits.

Your Life Proposal 6
Fitness Sponsorship

The most important part of medical care is prevention. The most effective way to reduce medical costs and save a country from medical inflation collapse is by preventing modern illnesses and injuries in the first place.

We will establish a national personal fitness program where you can opt-in to having a local fitness sponsor help you achieve your goals, be accountable to another person for social reinforcement, plan your progress, and refine your meal preferences for helping you achieve your best health outcomes possible.

After you have started achieving your fitness maintenance goals, you can become a fitness sponsor yourself to help others as much as you’ve helped yourself.

The only way we can stop the country from going bankrupt on medical costs is to start being healthier together.

Your Life Proposal 7
National Food Policy

We will fight the Special Food Interests by:

  • finally declare the FDA Recommended Daily Allowance food label for sugars to be 30g per day
  • stop subsidizing carb-heavy diet ingredients
  • introducing a nation-wide $1 per cup consumption tax for all sugar water

Your Life Proposal 8
National Unity

We are also in the midst of a social isolation epidemic due to urban sprawl, technology giving us instant gratification without socialization, and one-person-per-car culture.

We will build thousands of new common social areas across the country including community outreach centers, public outdoor fitness spaces, upgraded playgrounds, community gaming facilities, and plenty of parks with activities for extended visits.

Our goals are to get more people out of their houses and apartments and into the real world to meet their community under safe happy conditions.

Your Life Proposal 9
Death With Dignity

We will federally legalize assisted peaceful self-termination.

If you are physically compromised through old age or disease, you may opt to self-terminate in comfort instead of dying under artificial conditions you may end up being dragged to against your will as your end nears.

Your Life Proposal 10
World Record Sunscreen

Did you know the US FDA, the thing in charge of drugs, declared sunscreen is a drug about 40 years ago?

This gives the FDA complete control over which ingredients are allowed in sunscreen products, and any new ingredients must be approved at a federal level before sold in the USA.

Did you know the FDA has not allowed any new types of sunscreen to be sold in the USA for over 20 years?

It’s all true. The rest of the world has advanced sunscreens. They have sunscreens capable of going on easily and not feeling like left over kitchen grease being smeared on your face. We could have advanced sunscreen too! But the FDA refuses to allow new sunscreens even though hundreds of millions of people in other countries have been using better products their entire lifetimes.

We will fix roadblocks at the FDA, remove unnecessary fear from regulators and cancel regulations keeping the US from advancing at the same—or higher—rate as the rest of the world.

The FDA has misaligned regulatory incentives we will correct immediately. Their motto seems to be “We’ll keep you safe, even if it kills you.” Their mishandling of the public trust ranges from over-approving narcotics and opioids to under-approving necessary preventative medications. We must not let this continue another 30 years while people continue to suffer so companies can get rich off regulatory capture.